Wild ape

Wild Ape is a unique, jungle themed video slot machine with five reels and 20 lines of play, a popular London-based online casino company which managed to quick-grow an impressive reputation in the online casino gaming industry. It’s very well known for creating high-quality, original video slots with original, creative designs, high-quality graphics, and diverse, fun casino themes. It’s also one of the few sites on which all of its videos have a decidedly non-animatronic look and feel. One example of this is the “Reality” video slot where the jungle sounds and visuals are so life-like, you can almost touch the animals themselves. The same thing can be said of its other video slots such as the “Reality” photo slot which likewise conjures up an uncanny photo of a wild animal, complete with its own sound effects and special effects. Wild Ape has a number of different styles of reels that it can put together and make a variety of interesting combinations and presentations on. These include the “Spinning Top”, the “Data Bank”, the “Maze” and the “Data Crystal.” The spinning top reel is one that spins around two vertically spinning bars that are colored black and white, respectively, on four separate horizontal bars. The data bank reels combine two bars of various colors that are each paired off to form a square. The maze reels combine a series of four varying sized rooms, one each of which contains either an animal or object as the center piece. Finally, the Data crystal reels feature a number of randomly generated letters that combine together to form a word. Wild Ape’s most famous slot comes in the form of the free spin Wild Ape, which is essentially a video slot machine that you place the money on and use it to reel in a variety of animals. While the free spins do not have any type of image, the graphics on them are sufficient enough to keep players entertained for quite some time. The original version of the Wild Ape was made by Microgaming, who is now owned by Realtime Gaming. The slot comes complete with the Wild Ape Bonus Wheel, which spins continuously and offers players free spins on popular animal-related topics like jungle, aquarium, farm, science fiction, fantasy, horror, etc.