3 hit pay

The three-reel, three-pay-line game 3 Hit Pay is a simple retro-style video slot that has been wildly popular on the Internet. When you land three matching symbols on the pay line, you win! However, you don’t need to worry about bonus features or progressive jackpots – the game just uses traditional, old-school symbols to make your wins. The biggest thrill of this game is when you hit a huge payout.

There are three paylines in 3 Hit Pay, each of which has a fixed bet of one coin. As you spin, you’ll notice the winning combination highlighted in the interface. Moreover, you can also adjust the number of coins per line. If you don’t match any of the three symbols, you can spin the reels again and hope that the symbols will match. This is a straightforward slot that’s perfect for beginners and casual players.

The 3 Hit Pay slot has three paylines and a high payout of up to three thousand coins. It has an old-school design and offers a classic-style slot experience. The symbols are designed to be simple yet stylish, which makes the game fun to play. You can download the game from your favorite casino and play for free before playing for real money. There are also free demo versions of the game, so that you can try it out and see if you like it.